Let’s get down to business, Mr. Trump.

There’s a big show going on for a while. We’re all doomed to take notice – whether we like it or not. The American election is upon the world and we give it way too much credit.

People say that the outcome of the US-elections would have impact on the whole world. Well, they do. Even though the hegemonial power of U.S. and A. is on its way out, it has still enough potential to stir up shit. Bluntly said. Most people are aware that neither Hillary nor Donald will leave the world in peace – if Clinton wins (she may), Iran will be the target, again. If Trump makes it, something will be burning, for sure. Either way: Things will go as the lobby wants it.

No news that „the lobby“ are the ones with the money and assets that are allowing the show to go on like this. There is a lot of money flowing to American politics. The top spenders are, unsurprisingly, realty, pharmaceutical and military companies. Amazon is in the game too. [ list ] Just to pick an interesting one: General Electrics has a subsidy called „GE Sustainability“  which focuses on military products and services. One subsidy of this subsidy is called „Philantropy“ – make up your own mind about that.

However, I’ve been pondering why the people / companies with the real money ( compared to Trump’s assets ) allowing a clown like him on to the stage. While Clinton stands for the establishment, the status quo, Trump is a colourful yet narrow-minded individual who speaks his mind unconventionally. To put it that way: He’s not politically correct (PC). And PC is something many Americans can’t adhere to anymore, they „sheit“ on it as political correctness has been a cover up for intransparent politics. It is, to many people I assume, a means to tell them they don’t understand the processes. A cover-up for the important operations of politics that the average Joe is not able to comprehend.

Well, f# that!

This wraps Trump up pretty much: He’s just don’t fucking cares. Like voters do not care about political processes anymore. And in spite of the PC of the last years, they are numb and ignorant of exactly these processes of a democracy. They don’t know what’s going on (non-transparency) because they have been locked out actively via PC. All they have is a deep mistrust for the system. Understandable. It seems Trump voters are ready to let go of a democracy which is truly a facade and go with whatever alternative they got: A clown.

Let’s view that from the angle of a politically involved party, a company: They rule the show, no more doubt about that. Maximising profits is the primary directive of an economic entity. Therefore the political system has to create a surrounding that allows for that. This is nothing that doesn’t yet exist – in fact, we are living in a global market that is none but a shared playground for the big concerns. Following the simple truth: „Competition is for loosers“ they share the global market amongst themselves. We all know the nice graphics that show a couple of hundred brands branched out, yet leading to a handful of concerns. For instance, KRAFT foods inc. owns something about a hundred companies all over the world, so where’s the competition? Right, down there, between the small companies, the local stores, the freelancers, the mini-jobbers. The losers.

The big companies have the means to topple Donald Trump’s few assets by the thousands and therefore they can support and determine the outcome of a election. Controlling media is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s money to pay media companies, journalists, tech guys, psychologists, marketing experts, etc… Back to elections: Why would a big lobby allow a seemingly uncontrollable and unpredictable clown like Donald Trump to go for election at all? Well, there’s Clinton who raises the doubt of being fit to lead the US back to its Golden Age when capitalism catered for everyone. As part of the establishment she’s not really offering a solution to the greater audience in America that does not get it’s share of the pie anymore. So Trump is the element to mobilise them by causing havoc in the political landscape and especially the behated political correctness. Trump undermines the least of the standards not just of political correctness but simple human decency. And here’s the theory: One wants to let him go all the way to the bottom until the last American may ask himself whether he can be serious or not. The lobby might be filtering out the real rednecks that won’t leave Trump down. They may trust that they won’t be the majority once election day is upon America. Current Trump voters caused a peak in the polls which most probably go into a dip soon. Hillary Clinton will become the least of a worry for the American voter who has at least an understanding of basic human decency.

The strategy of the lobby may be the big show, the big circus, the big distraction and during this the possibility for voters to let off steam. Trump is the biggest clown in this circus for ages and it just fits into the concept of mass control where democracy is nothing but a hollowed out facade with „free elections“ sprayed over it.


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