Seems like one has to say the painfully obvious: If there are no guns, there are no gun incidents. The basic principle to strive for a safe and civilised society are not trusted to the state. Instead gun owners seem to believe in Social-Darwinism. May the world be bad, may it be full of “manics”, the issue for the average American gun owner might be that a maniac is being quicker in pulling his gun. Game over.

Schools are death traps, according to Andrew Pollack, an unnerved father of one of the victims in the shooting in the Stoneman Douglas High School. That’s why he is demanding body scanners in front of schools.

“You can’t get into a court house with any type of weapon, you can’t get on to a plane, so why can it happen in a school, and why has it already happened, I think over 200 times in this country. I’m pissed off and I’m angry it keeps happening. It’s stopping…it’s going to stop now with my kid” [ source ]

I feel for him. But this is the approach of a vision-lacking, law abiding citizen with no own thoughts about anything outside his own vicinity. That is how the atmosphere of “1984” by Orwell, how Stalin, how Hitler and exploitation came to exist: by keeping your head within a sickening system. The answer to stop massacres executed with guns is so simple, yet, it is artificially stylised to a political matter that demands a discussion. We all know it is because of profit and a misunderstood freedom to carry arms. more