Unveiling the Data Tapestry: Insights and Implications of Retail Data Analytics

selective focus photography of lens
This article has been written by AI. Following the news that New Zealand supermarkets are about to introduce facial recognition on their security cameras, the task was to identify data points available and deduct what the supermarket (i.e. the people behind it) can trace from a person's private life. In the realm of retail, particularly within supermarkets leveraging cameras and facial recognition technologies, an intricate web of data is being woven with every customer interaction. This tapestry of information, when carefully analyzed, provides profound insights into individual lifestyles and behaviors, pushing the boundaries of personalized shopping experiences while simultaneously igniting debates on privacy and ethical considerations. The Nature of Data Harvested Supermarkets, through the integration of advanced surveillance and data […]

Universal Basic Income. Don't be condescending, Mike Hosking

I have tried to follow Mr Hoskins simple logic on why an UBI is not a good idea. One of his arguments is that UBI would be squandering the money on (rich) people who do not need it. However, at the same time he condones the fact that people in need shouldn't get anything either. Logic of reverse conclusion obtrudes. This is a fine example of the ultimatum game where Hosking sees himself unfairly treated. Interestingly is he one of those who might not need an UBI.

The bank always wins

It does not matter how bad the situation is. For many people who rent there may be some tough times ahead. While banks allowing a "mortgage holiday" for home owners, the ongoing of rent payments stays within the power of the landlords. As the cut in mortgage payments may seem to free landlords from the burden of paying back their debts it is indeed just a deferral. The interest and rates have yet to be paid in future. One side to the story are the tenants who won't get a break from paying their share and the other is that landlords will be required to pay up as usual. It's just a matter of when. As the landlord may save […]