The Big Lebowsky vs. Trump

“This aggression will not stand” George Bush Sen opposed on August 5, 1990. He was a conservative hardliner in a conservative meaning. When he announced war against Iraq, things were already set to go. The government had enough influence to have cover for their asses, keeping up political correctness yet act.
Now there’s a new era: Donald J. Trump. With him comes someone who as a wealthy businessman thinks to have it figured out. The naiveté in politics that comes with it causes the end of conservative PC or PC altogether. Trump announces his intentions early and embellished are splurging in real time over the internet. At this time his early announcements are preparing the opposition and start a debate across the American population.
Trump seems to begin to be stirring social tension. Something a progressive left would – by definition – wish for. Trump is disassembling at least one aspect of a political system that needed replacing in America: political correctness. And he introduces a catchy-style-politics that jars not only the USA but the world. I suppose even people who never cared for politics are at least in the picture about the greater or even smaller conflicts. Political satire is becoming fancy. Trump is a wake-up-call. But not to topple Trump himself but weak spots of the system he was born out.

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